Today I wore my “sit the &$?! Down pants

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:11 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

The body needs rest and sometimes I really to force myself to just stop , so I bought myself a super comfy pair of track pants that I really don't want to ruin , it helps .

I sat out in my she shed with my thoughts and gazed at my garden from there , it was beginning to wake up the hydrangeas are beginning to leaf up so are the daffs with the underplanting of violets and arrow head lilies, and the hellerbours are bringing it all together.

then closer to us the kowhai will begin to bloom and grape will wake up to , white roses lavender and viburnum, scabiosa and dwarf alstroemerias underneath and a blue salvia for added height , once they are all in full glory it makes the she shed and garden beyond like a little secret . 
I was sitting down then my daughter came to help put a temporary fence up because her horse is coming back from Rakaia and I had to get creative because we don't want to dig holes , time will tell if it works , I will put a pic in the comments.

Today I wore my “sit the &$?! Down pants