Wednesday's Wonderful Weeds😉🫢

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:03 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Another Wednesday means weeds and wigwam making ... have had my eye on these nice deeply veined weed leaves in the vege patch, so waltzed down there today and excavated them ready for doing some imprinted pages for my sketchbook.

Tried to find out what sort of weed it is... closest I can come to is buttercup but it's a very upright not sprawling plant so not convinced of the id. ( not flowering atm) If it IS buttercup then it's poisonous and I really should wash my hands shortly before making a snack lol 

To my delight the yams that I put in have survived and are up ... they were just by this weed so pretty great to see them

I also removed some sad looking beetroots that had not grown any bigger than a marble since last spring ... they will be tossed in the paper making pot with the sketchbook pages to add some natural colour so hopefully I get a nice imprint from the leaves then on my paper. 

Have a good lot of baby beetroot seedlings ready to go in, apparently today and tomorrow are good days to sow your root crops if growing according to the moon/ maramataka calendar 

last weeks echdying with what I now know are Ruruhau Flowers turned my paper beautiful shade of yellow ( a different process than today) .  Later today I will post a pic of results in comments ( Ruruhau is a very old Northland vegetable that is used in stews etc to impart a mustard flavour ... mines very pure as has had no opportunity to cross pollinate with anything else ... am harvesting seed later today) 

Wednesday's Wonderful Weeds😉🫢