When One Thing Leads To The Next

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:25 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

The intentions today were to potter in the garden for an hour, pop into town and do a couple of things, and then start the spring cleaning. But it was one of those days in the garden where one thing just led to another, and then on the way to do that one task, you spy another task and so on. So the one hour turned into a few more and I finished about 4. I did get the things in town sorted,  but the spring cleaning of my youngest room will have to wait until tomorrow.

The tomatoes have had all their lower leaves that were starting to touch the ground removed, and a good tidy up to ensure there is good airflow. The amount of flowers forming already is looking promising.

The silverbeet in one bed was bolting so that was removed from.  They needed to come out regardless as the newer plants in that bed are now getting bigger and need that space. We do still have some rainbow chard in a cooler part of the garden.

The cover was removed from the popcorn, and after a trip into town, mulch was put over that garden. 

The jalapeños were big enough to tie to their stakes, as where a few capsicums. 

A few more flowers were added (I am currently justifying my buying of a punnet of flowers every few weeks by telling myself that it's better than buying a pack of chips). I may have also added a yellow alstroemeria which I've managed to split off into 5 different pots. 

All beds were weeded,including the flowers (this was actually relatively quick all things considered). 

The garden was also given a good liquid feed tonight, including my onions which are still holding in there. I still have my foubts about whether they'll bulb up based on the fact they are not as upright as they should be, but at least they haven't rotted any further.  

When One Thing Leads To The Next