While We Were Working

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:23 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Although we've had a few showers here and there, over the past week, for the most past, it has felt like northland again. I'm not sure whether it's a bit of a dose of Vitamin D, but things seem much more like they should be. 

I am not the only one that thinks so. My garden does too. It's really come alive, while I have been whittling away at some paperwork inside to all hours. I think using the sheep's manure was a good plan. When going away for holidays over summer, we also apply sheep pellets or manure, and then give a seaweed feed. This usually keeps things well feed for the duration. Combined with some rain on the weekend, and a few showers through the week, the garden has been taken care of.

With my first evening amble in a week, I spotted my first gherkin; a baby cucumber, flowers on the tomatoes; beetroot fattening up (I was only saying a few days ago that they have been slow this year); passionfruit, plums getting bigger; boysenberries that are starting to ripen, and likewise with the orange raspberry; pineapple flowers (3 so far) complete with spiders webs. They can stay. Those spikes are nasty. Our blackberries  look the best ever. I am going to have to remove the cover on the corn in the weekend. I got a wee fright when I saw it. It's nearly touching the top in some places. But the star of the garden would have to still be the blueberries. There are 100s of bunches like the ones in the picture.

While the garden is growing, unfortunately so too are the weeds. It won't take long, but a tidy up on Saturday is definitely in order.


While We Were Working