Wind Swept but Ticking Along


Date:14 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Despite the wind being the bane of my life at the moment and not having very warm days lately, everything is still growing, although some faster than others. 

Our strawberries and cucumbers have taken off, and I'm harvesting those every couple of days. Potato tops are looking fab, hopefully lots is going on under the soil too! Peas are forming pods, lots of tomatoes (especially cherry's) are forming fruit and I'm going to have some gherkins and eat our first zuchinni any day soon.

The taller crops are not faring well, I've just had to mound soil around a corn stalk that had just about uplifted, and the sunflowers are windswept too - with all the movement from the wind the stakes jiggle around in the soil creating a hole and are struggling to keep them upright. I don't think staking them with any more would even help either. The stems haven't broken so I'll just keep rearranging those each day ๐Ÿ™„. 

My kamokamo isn't too happy with the wind either, so I have popped some more seed in the other day just incase. 

And to end on a positive, the parsnip seed I had resown the other day is coming up too! The rain we've had has certainly helped me there!


Wind Swept but Ticking Along