Winding Down

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:21 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The days are starting to slow down, and I'm actually starting to put my feet up and relax (not just fall asleep in front of the TV which I did the last few days as soon I  sat down). I still haven't quite summoned the energy to get much xmas baking done like I normally do, but I will get there. 

This morning I did spend a bit of time in the garden though. My tomatoes are growing like crazy in every direction possible and I needed to put more string up. Some have ended up with multiple leaders which makes stringing them up a lot of fun. 

My capsicums and jalapeños have finally had covers removed (I've been procrastinating on that one) as they have started to flower. The squashes have a wee bit of powdery mildew which after the humid week I'm not at all surprised. It's mainly the older lower leaves so they have been removed and the plant has been sprayed with copper. I've also rearranged new growth onto the frames to get more leaves off the ground. This is certainly helping, but will have to let it meander over rest of garden soon  as there isn't much room left on the frames.

It's actually really nice just to potter around the garden as I want to. Something that I missed last year. Gardening had to be schelduled around gaps in the weather which didn't necessarily fit with other plans, or I had to put on full wet weather gear.  Something the I certainly don't miss.


Winding Down