With mulch excitement I wet my plants

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:01 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers, Recipes

Woohoo spring is here at it made it to a barmy 21 degrees . 
With the full moon and the start of spring I have a need to declutter and change things around . 
yesterday it was the wardrobe and draws 4 boxes to donate maybe a scarecrow outfit in there mmm time will tell . 

But today was a clean out of the green house and finally getting some seeds in , normally I would have some in by now but there's no rush , I got in some watermelon , toms , gherkins, basil , strawflowers, cornflowers , amaranthus , zinnias few other bits potted on some seedling trees and a passion fruit that all made it though winter 6 wee lemons some of which will be Xmas gifts . 
And a wee capsicum experiment I have just planted the top of the capsicum with all its seeds , total mess or time saver I will keep you posted .

Top seed tips , wet your medium first press soil down don't plant to deep , tiny seeds will not even need covering. 
I also keep my seeds on the table for a good month before it's time to sow , it gives me time to mentally prepare both what I will plant and where it will go . 
as I saved a lot of seed it took around 7 hours to sort it all which I need to break up better going forward .

Not sure if it was our recent raro trip of wanting to watch it expand which was fun but I decided to try out the coconut core block , it's nice and fine so I have chosen to use it to cover seeds and the top layer of seedlings and pots it should lessen the need to water as much , I will still be checking several times a day for those gorgeous wee seeds to sprout as it just never gets old . 
And with a glut of leeks at the moment and always loads of silverbeet it turns out cooks wizzed up and olive oil and seasoning and you have yourself a tasty sauce for over pasta , yum .

With mulch excitement I wet my plants