Wrong Plant, Perfect Experiment!


Date:20 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Said plant is suppose to be a cucumber. 

I figured this out a while ago, but funnily enough it wasn't by sight which confirmed it for me, it was when I was checking his neighbours leaves and I got a whiff of a familiar plant that didn't smell cucumberly to me. By smell alone I put bets on it being a zuchinni. 

I'm taking this as a sign, it's not planted in the best place to let it trail along the ground, and I've always wanted to try growing zuchinni vertically, so I reckon this is the perfect time to give it a go! As it happens the shelf in the tunnelhouse is right there, which will help with supporting it and I could potentially train the zuchinni along it also.

Sometimes mistakes are meant to happen! 

P. S it's a lot healthier than the picture makes it look too 😅


Wrong Plant, Perfect Experiment!