100% more today than yesterday

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:12 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Having already mulched and prepped for planting I planted the strawberry popcorn, the baby bear pumpkin , climbing beans , cucumber and watermelon they all got a nice dose of worm castings and watered in well . These are in the tunnel house , I had planned on getting the capsicums in to but I needed to rest and then it was to hot in there . 
I mowed the flower field. 
And hubby finished early so we popped down to the river for some fun   , I also grabbed some willow both for cuttings and to make some rooting hormone, which is as simple as chopping it up sitting it in water for awhile then dipping your cuttings .

I also enjoyed our orchard checking on the fruit set and it's all looking really good , I'm excited especially for apricots and nectarines which have been lacking the last couple of years .

100% more today than yesterday