11 11 We Remember!


Date:11 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Remembrance day has changed over the years. It was always about remembering those that gave all, and did not return!

Well we have learned that there is a whole lot of other things we should remember too. Mental health of those that did come back, along with physical differences, for which have companion pets, veterin help and many, many more.

This year the choice was white poppies, just because maybe not everybody we should be thankful to may like the red Poppy. I grew yellow last year for the same reason aswell as the traditional red Flanders Poppy.

Well as you know, one plant is pink. When I mentioned it I think it was James that said it could be for bullying... This made me think. 

Well I was part of Conscription service, which many countries have. At school us as boys were always prepared for this at school with Army Cadets as part of every Wednesday afternoon. During basic traning things were tough and yes it had to be as what was to come could be even tougher, but that was what we trained for, were prepared for, or so we think we thought. But this to me was not bullying... 

Now take into account consciencess objections like some religious groups, or those that are not built for this life change at earliest 16, but mostly 18 or 19... While the Forces do their very best at finding people medically or mentally unfit and finding suitable alternate roles, like clerical work, garden maintenance and non violent duties, some would be too proud or peer pressure would mean some fall through the gaps and the Bullying would be very real, very harsh and an extremely difficult time when reality hits. NZ had Conscription service up untill 1972, RSA 1994 meaning some of these affected people are amongst our piers... This Pink Poppy.. Pink being the anti bullying campaign colour is for them! 

11 11 We Remember!