44 Today & Loving It

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:26 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

So today is my 44th birthday and it's been a great day. I worked today but got to go out to lunch with my beautiful wife for a curry and dinner with my beautiful daughter (my free Burger Fuel burger). I don't do big parties as it's not my thing and I'm not worried about aging. As I see it, every year is another year that I have been blessed with and there are many that don't get the chance to grow old. I'm actually really loving my 40's. 

My present this year was a solar moth trap.  I'm both excited and a little nervous about using it. It works by attracting moths to the light and they fall into the oil in the tray below. It will go by our plum trees and hopefully sort out the guava moth that ripped through all the plums. I'll need to keep an eye on and make sure it's not catching too many native moths. Not all moths are bad. Need a crash course on moth identification.  

I also received my pack of Yates seeds today which I got as a spot prize last week. Cool little surprise coming on my birthday and just what I need too. 

The lunchbox is what Haven took to school today.  She was so excited and refused to put anything processed in. Everything came from our garden so it was a cheap and nutritious lunch. Turns out it wasn't filling enough as she had sports day today and came home very hungry!

44 Today & Loving It