A Bit of TLC Around the Place

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:10 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

With an extraordinarily busy week this week, I am back to my little jaunts around the gardens in the morning, tackling one job at a time. Today's job was a simple job of a liquid feed. The flower beds, and the pots in my porch area, also got attended too. 

I love this part of gardening when things are planted out. There might be a gentle weed here and there, and the occasional feed, but the hard yards are done for the time being. There is some crops to enjoy as things start to produce, but then the preserving starts, and the juggling act is once more in full swing. I'd like to say 'the calm before the storm', but after last year, it's possibly not wise. 

With the everything settled with my contouring on the lawn, and all the lumps now flattened out, I also decided it was time to sow some grass seed. I really wanted to cover it with netting to stop the birds, but it is unfortunately not in the best place for that. 

I have a few minor jobs to attack over tge weekend, but it is certainly going to be at a more relaxed pace than last weekend. 


A Bit of TLC Around the Place