A Blustery Northland Day

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:02 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The wind has certainly been howling around our place for the best part of today, and many other places I suspect too. For that reason I am somewhat grateful that hubby gave me a hand to secure the tomatoes from their overhanging support frame on Saturday. Having a hubby that is 6ft 2, does come in handy for those jobs.  I still have my fingers crossed that these plants will do okay. Since a tidy up on Wednesday, I haven't seen any more signs (yet) of the suspected  blight, and the fruit is setting which is a step in the right direction.

In between packing, cleaning and using up random ingredients in the fridge (highly recommend making scrolls with left over xmas fruit mince), I did manage to potter here and there in the garden. I finally dug in the inground worm tower. I've placed it in the middle of the garden where I dug over a few early crop potatoes (another 4 kgs harvested yesterday to take away with us). The late crops are still in so I figured it would be a perfect spot. While it takes up a little bit of space, I am intrigued to see if it does improve the hardens as I would seriously consider getting another one or two (or making my own). Apparently, once established, the worms can process 1-2 kg of food scraps/cardboard/garden waste etc a week back into the garden. The tower has holes around the side so the worms can move in and out, in theory, spreading goodness through the garden. 

Along with a very light tidying up (ten minutes), some liquid feed in most beds, I also sowed a few more seeds. With a few showers expected here and there during our time away,  I decided it wouldn't hurt to direct sow a few more carrots and beetroot. The weather hasn't exactly been easy to work with this season, so I am going to try and use it to my advantage when I can.

Happy gardening.

A Blustery Northland Day