A chilly day

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:24 Sep 2023

It's been rainy on and of for most of the day , and not alot of garden has happened beside pulling a couple of weeds and watering in the tunnel house.

Our pony spirit came home today from being away being a therapy pony , it's good to have the ginger ninja home , the odd bread crate and Waratah fence would be useless for a full size horse but I hope it will survice for this guy , and I taught my daughter what a Taranaki gate is . If money was no object a post and rail fence gates and all would have gone in but hey I'm good at problem solving .

We got our new window in and I love it , it's a bifold and opens the whole way up , one day I will be passing delish treats out the window .

and a tip I always soak all my home grown goodies in water with a little splash of white vinegar it kills th bugs even from unseen areas .

A chilly day