A Day of Firsts

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:11 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

My stone edging is coming along nicely with two more buckets shifted this morning so I am on track to having it finished by the end of the weekend. I will post a pic once it's completed. 

Although things are still relatively busy with the last week of the school term upon us, I am starting to slow down. Even this afternoon's watering was at a much more leisurely pace which is possibly why I noticed a few gems along the way. Our first bean is out-although I am not sure one bean will make much of a meal, it is exciting nonetheless, especially as we struggled to get them going last year. Last season, it took us until Dec last year to have some finally come up. Some creative dinner plans might be needed for that singular bean though.

I also discovered another cucumber ready to be picked, and might be slightly regretting my 'let's plant a few directly just encase seeds'. Those seeds, plus the originals are all growing, and I might now have over a dozen plants. Last year we couldn't even get one seed to germinate and James kindly passed some on for Connor's garden. I hope our friends and family are ready for an influx of cucumbers.

We also have our first pumpkin, and the tassles on the popping corn are coming through, but no silks yet. I can see where it looks like they are starting to form though. However, the most interesting thing I noticed while watering was what I suspect is sweetpeas coming through where I planted some last year (in amongst my popcorn and my beans). Ironically, I don't even recollect letting the seed pods dry on the plant. I'm going to have to think carefully about where to put these as it is slightly late, but nature wants them to grow. I will have to find somewhere a little bit more suitable for them though.

A Day of Firsts