A good decision...

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:08 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

... and that decision was made by my gorgeous SH. When I suggested I dress up in my little Christmas fairy outfit and frolic in the garden (a la James and Neil) with a trug he said "no!".
Wise man. My fairy prancing days are behind me so I chose to pose with Colin our snowman instead. 

I will continue to blog because I am addicted. I hope you will too because I really want to follow the ongoing progress of your gardens. 

Thanks Sarah - you are a wonderful ambassador for Yates, an inspiring gardener and a great source of wisdom and advice when it is needed. I love that you're not "perfect" and that you face the same challenges that we all do.

Thanks to the rest of the team at Yates. James summed it up when he said he is now faithful to the brand. I have always loved Yates because it is part of my history, it was part of my parents gardening heritage (thousands of seeds and those wonderful Yates Garden Guides) and now when I see the brand I feel I have a bit of ownership - this is my brand the others are pretty much wannabes. 
See you soon xx

A good decision...