A Little Bit Here and There

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:06 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Often I get questions about how I find time to garden. I think it is often a question asked to many gardeners. Like many, I work fulltime; our children are busy with sports; and we also volunteer on multiple committees, coach teams, and assist at events. But once you get a system in place that works for you, your family and your lifestyle, then the rest is easier to balance.

For the most part, I guess I don’t see gardening as a chore. By removing that as a barrier, and seeing it as exercise, and part of my well being, then the rest has flowed. At the end of the day, I enjoy it. The enjoyment I get for providing for my family, and seeing the beautiful colours of my flowers in the garden, far out weighs any negatives that may run parellel. I won’t lie, of course, at times, there are days where it does feel like a chore, but they are few and far between.

As the mornings have started to get lighter, I have found myself starting to do things once again in the mornings.  I enjoy the solitude that the mornings bring, when everyone else is asleep. With multiple veggie gardens, it is easy to just work on one patch at a time, or one task at a time. Things like tying up tomatoes, removing laterals, weeding, sowing seeds are often done in the morning. The big things like moving compost – well that is definitely a weekend job.

With that in mind, this morning's jobs were very simple, and for the next week, it will all be about seed sowing. As our garden is still in full production, most beds won’t be touched until October.

With that in mind, this morning jobs included:

Taking the tomatoes out of the greenhouse as the space was needed  for the seed raising trays to go in. These will remain in the porch where they will still be protected from the elements as night times are still quite chilli. While they are meant to be a cascading variety, I also decided to stake them to avoid any issues with foot traffic. I also gave them a good liquid feed of Yates Natural Fish and Seaweed Feed. Due to the tomatoes being in a small pot due to variety, and also not wanting them to collapse the mini greenhouse, regularly feedings have been vital to keep them looking healthy.

With a bit of additional time up my sleeve, I also got my seeds ready and placed them in my new seed storage container that Connor made for me at school. 

A Little Bit Here and There