A little neglect goes a long way


Date:11 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've just braved the bitter cold wind and dashed out to check the seedlings, they all look great!

While I was out there I harvested another cauli, and she's a beaut! I'll add a pic in the comments.

Some of you might remember from previous years my struggle with growing lemons, well all citrus for that matter. This one in the pic, last year, was hanging on by a thread and had dropped all it's leaves. I had succumbed to the thought that yet another lemon tree had came to my place to die a slow death, so I left it and planted some succulents in the barrel and never gave it much thought. 

Then over autumn/winter she came to life! This was after having no love, barely any water and defintely no fert.

Once I saw she had came back to life all that changed, she has been well looked after and adored. I'm also suprised the succulents are still thriving too as they don't like much water, but no way am I removing them, I'm not risking the lemon tree sulking again!

I have an orange, lime and another lemon tree in my garden that are not great, but I'll let them be and hope they revive themselves with a little neglect too. 

A little neglect goes a long way