A Little Tidy Up

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:07 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

With a birthday to celebrate yesterday-we had teenager in the house, and I’m still not sure how that actually happened-, but gardening was definitely not on the list of priorities. This morning, however, was a different matter, and while I didn’t get to potter in my solitude, I did get to tackle a tiny task. Sorting the mini greenhouse ready to receive its babies in the next few weeks. Shelves that were removed to allow the tomatoes to grow were put in and secured, old pots were emptied, and the baby pineapples were removed from the bottom shelf.

At work, we were also very lucky to have a colleagues whose friend donated a heap of plastic containers (I believe they are from a medical centre). The little pink trays fit four, six cell punnetts in. The round ones will need holes drilled in, and will be perfect for planting up the zucchini’s and cucumbers etc once they are big enough.

I've also used the lids from the polystyrene chillibins on a couple of shelves. There is still enough space around the edge to keep good airflow, but thought that over winter, with the tomatoes, that this could also provide a good barrier to cold air coming up from the ground. 

At the bottom, I also have four peg baskets that have a few additional strawberry runners poking out of the sides and on top. These were left outside over winter, but have been moved inside for the time being. Initially I was looking at putting some in a laundry hamper, but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted.

The porch gets a lot of sun. Where the greenhouse is positioned, it gets sund from two lots of windows, as well as through the clearlite over head. This area is the same size as our dining room and we are slowly adding more plants to the area. 


A Little Tidy Up