A Quick Catch Up

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:10 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

We have been blessed with some of the most stunning weather we have seen in a long time up north. Not only is the garden loving it, but we are too. Whike we are only 45 mins from home,  it is a pleasant escape nonetheless. I will admit It did take me a few days to unwind, and we had hubby's 50th to celebrate on Monday but I'm now into the swing of doing very little. And it is nice. 

Hubby is back at work for a few days before returning on Friday, and has been watering the garden, and  while he is here, my mum takes over. I have to go in for a wedding on Friday so I will give the garden a water/harvest a few things.

My mum brought out a number of crops from our garden earlier in the week for hubbies birthday, along with potatoes from my brothers,. We also have a tradition of bring out extras while we are here to feed our campground friends anytime hubby comes out, or my mum does. 

Hope everyone else is/or has had a lovely break and is also enjoying some much needed sunshine. We are here for 16 nights, so still have 10 days to enjoy this lovely weather (and being northland, I'm sure we will get a few showers or humidity storms (already had one of those, but it was short lived).

A Quick Catch Up