A Walk around the Garden 2


Date:25 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As we pass the shed, we enter the side of the house. Along the path is and arch, posted petunias at the base and soft pink Bougainvillea will grow over it. This are gets sunshine from 6am till about 4pm in summer. Looking back towards the shed we have a table and chairs for a light snack, or coffee break. A pot of white, plus a random baby pink Poppies complete the setting. Lombardo Tanika grasses soften the area. 

To the left we have a lilly growing under the wild purple Bougainvillea. The wind destroyed the hedge last year so they are now 2 shrubs. This leads up to the Green house... Home of the Chillies. The cover come off in November and pots sorround the bed. 

To the right is the potting table on top of 4 200l rain barrels. The Hydroponic lettuce is on the potting table. This get morning sun till midday at the latest.

The pathway then leads to part 3😂

I hope the Everyone is dry and safe in this weather event. We have had some rain, but nothing more yet. 

A Walk around the Garden 2