A walk around the garden 6


Date:06 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

As we round the corner again we arrive at the outdoor dinning area. Here the mood is relaxed greenery and Fairy lights. There are some splashes of colour moments when the stralitzia is visible, or when freesia are in flower. The petunia boarder ends where the dining table starts. Lombardo Tanika continues and a male and female European palm add interesting geometrics to the green backdrop. Black bark brings everything to life. Again kitty hideaway tunnels are through out the garden. A hanging basket of the same flowers as the pots in the next part of the tour tie in the lounging area to the Dinning area. The sun set is on the right so is visible at from the entertainment area.

Many friends have had good times around this table, it normally seats 6 with a bench each side, but add benches at either end we can get 12 seated if you really like each other enough😂. As the lounge is just a furnished outside room I will end the tour on the other side of it where the BBQ area is.

Photos were taken Sunday 5th afternoon and evening. 

A walk around the garden 6