A walk around the Garden, part 4


Date:29 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The back fence or around the corner however you wish to see it, is a raised bed built 7 years ago.. 1.5 m deep and has 8 sections at 1.2 m wide.

The first 2 beds were in yesterdays tour. The next 2 beds are also tomato frames. They have silver beet along with calendula, marigold, cosmos, alyssum, nasturtium and a few w other bring the bees wild flower mix that game with NZ gardener a few months ago.

We then have the Jersey Bennes at the rear of bed 5, Zuchinni in the front and yams are the ground  cover under the zucchini. Bed 6 has onions, carrots and spinach. Bed 7 is brassica, mixed cabbage, red and green and a cauliflower. Some of them are going to seed. The 8th bed is my Olla test bed with basil, various lettuce and curled leaf parsley. So far so good in this bed, the soil is has a good moisture level. Current finds says I should space them further apart for tomatoes.. I have 4 of the cages that cover the 4 gardens that are not trellises. 1 is over the corn at the moment shown on day 3😊

The wind has been blowing quite hard since about 1pm and the rain as started, just a bit of spitting here and there, so hopefully I won't need to water tomorrow. 

A walk around the Garden, part 4