A wee land grab

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:12 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

It really is amazing what you can get done while sitting or kneeling .

I have been looking at these gardens knowing they need doing , I did a weed spray a couple of weeks ago and knowing it's a little job by comparison to a lot of others , so I started by moving the rocks out a bit and weeding the edge , I found loads of ants , snails , spiders and what I think is a earwig nest I had never seen one before so that was interesting. 
I have some rotted down bark that I will use to mulch but I will ask hubby for some help over the weekend to load the trailer and back it closer .

I think my garden has answered my latest question of should I add a wee nursery to my flower business , I have a good 40 kowhai seedlings and always loads of perennials needing to be split up , and I need to get rid of pots so a nursery it is obviously not over night but steps have started .

the 4th pic is our drive way from the workshop roof I thought looked good , lower down shows the weeds but this angle is very forgiving.

The capsicums went in first thing this morning.

A wee land grab