A weekend in the garden 😍


Date:24 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Have spent the first day of my weekend in the garden......such a blessing and fills my soul ❤️

weeding, planting out seedlings, repotting seedling and planting out seeds. Even cleaned out the glasshouse (which has been waiting patiently for a wee while) have to fix up the broken glass from storms we've had and pulled out the crap that was in there and yes literally it was, only been using it to fit seedlings and this year I want to actually use it to grow some vege in. The only living thing in here this morning was this cute fella 😁🤣 Work in progress this one though. Love time spent in the garden... now to go make dinner oh and yeah for daylight saving time again 🙌

A weekend in the garden 😍