Aji.. Capsicum Baccatum?


Date:13 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

There are so many Baccatum peppers, and lots of them are called Aji xxx. This has led to a misconception that Aji ar baccatums and vise versa. Aji is simply the Spanish word for chilli/pepper, used in multiple ways. 

Baccatum are large plants normally, big leaf and juice fruit, white or cream flowers with a green crown shape on the inner side of the petals. I have 13 types of Baccatum growing, the most well known of them are the Bishops Crown, Aji Amarillo and Malawi Picante. I did blog last year about the Sugar rush peppers, I have added red to the peach and stripey I grew last year. Although most fit between 30k to 50k SHU and are sweet and juice thick fleshed peppers, I have Brazilian starfish which is classed as a sweet pepper(very little heat) and Aji Cito which sits at around 90k SHU (This one was a miss labeled seed that was supposed to be Aji Amarillo and caught me off guard eating one fresh last year😂🙄) and Bishops crown has thin walls, the F1 hybrid from this is sold as Mad Hatter in garden centers.

I am also growing Aji Panco and Charapita which are actually Capsicum Chinense, Charapita is supposed to be the most expensive and rare pepper in the world.. This is untrue, as it is grown by most households in Peru and Brazil along the andes mountains. It is tiny 21 peppers to a gram on average. Hence when sold makes it expensive as it is difficult to harvest, For most people this pepper is free and freely available. Seeds are easily available in NZ  from local pepper specialist seed traders.

Hope everyones growing is going well! 

Aji.. Capsicum Baccatum?