Aji Charapita... The second attempt.


Date:24 Jun 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

Aji Charapita.. Probably the most expensive chilli is the world!

This plant is rarely grown due to it being slow and diffucult to germinate. The seed is small, the seedling is small and hence quite tender. Seeds are easily available in NZ. 

I grew this last spring, but as the plant is slower when young and has small leaves the mite attack destroyed the plant. This winter it is growing in my grow cupboard. With everything from light to temperature to humidity and airflow at ideal conditions the plant is doing well and keeping a close pace to the other plants. It is also not the last to flower so I am very happy πŸ˜‚.

Not long till I can taste why this pepper is so sought after. Tiny little fireballs 😍

Aji Charapita... The second attempt.