All Done

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:09 Jul 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

I can finally say that things are finally all planted out in the garden. I was feeling really good about things....and then I went to my mum's place. Mine really pales in comparison. Her's is in full swing and looks amazing.

That being said, my potatoes that I planted a few weeks back are coming through, and some directly sown seeds are popping up. So things are progressing.

Today the last of the covers went up over the brassicas. This serves a few purposes...extra warmth and protection from the bugs. It also stops our new family members from digging things up.  Our large 3 by 3 garden has become their favourite play area..most likely because i had a few bits and pieces sticking out from where I'd layered things like corn stalks under lawn clippings and compost. We've also repurposed the rabbit run and put it around the garden. It just fits. I do however have to get some more pegs to secure in places as  the smallest pup has found a way in (I'm not surprised....he also gets into the chicken run no matter how we block it (i suspect he bites holes in the fencing). He doesn't  chase the chickens but is looking for food scraps). While it has a gate, once things are at harvest size, I will remove it for ease of access. It is nice to know that I have some systems in place come summer. I also have a bit of time to modify things. 

I thought it was fun gardening with toddlers, but these two definitely are entertaining. Today I made the mistake of putting my gardening gloves down. They were found under the trampoline. I put pea straw on a couple of beds only to see a nose pop up and some pieces disappear. When I went back later, there was a bare patch. I suspect a few more tunnels might be required before summer.

All Done