Allium time.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:27 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The harvesting of our allium has begun. The first lot of garlic planted at our son and daughter-in-laws place just a few k's away from our rust-prone garden has been pulled up. This crop did get some rust but the cloves were big enough that the rust didn't affect the bulbs.

We're really happy with the harvest and they are now drying. I'll post a photo when we have harvested the rest of the crop grown at our other sons lifestyle property. That will hopefully be early next week. We will have enough to keep us in garlic for quite a few months even after we have paid our rental of their gardens with garlic for our kids!

Next lot of alliums to harvest will be the Pukekohe Long Keeper onions. They're looking awesome with paper skins forming on many of them. The first few have started to fall over which is the sign they are ready to harvest. 

Not that I'm in a huge hurry - I made a bean salad tonight which included onions from last years crop. We still have around a dozen large onions from those we harvested in December 2022!!

Have a great holiday - Happy New Year from SH and I.

Allium time.