An Horrendous Harvest

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:12 Apr 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Biggest garden disappointment for this season!

After showing so much promise, getting our own slips underway and after a great harvest out of the tyres last year, we were super excited to dig up our kumara this year.

I suppose it all started when we had designated Easter weekend as THE kumara weekend. The week prior SH got a phone call to say that there had been a cancellation in surgery and he could get in to have his gall bladder removed the Wednesday before Easter. It's been causing him some stress so of course we wanted it sorted - so the harvest was going to be up to me.

SH got throught the op fine (still recovering) and I set to on Good Friday to dig up the crop. It was truly gutting to find that each set of two tyres yielded just a couple of pretty ordinary kumara each. The photo is of our entire crop this year 😢

I have put it down to some of the very heavy rain we had during the season which I think compacted the bottom tyre so that nothng could flourish in them. All of the kumara were in the top tyre - different to last year.

I was totally devastated - but when I think of the commercial growers around our country who have lost entire crops - and their livelihood - because of the weather, I feel a little humbled, my wee disaster is a drop in the ocean.

And as with all gardeners, there is always next season. Good luck with your kumara Racheal and Neil, I know we will make the most of every mouthful of ours!!


An Horrendous Harvest