And An easy Morning

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:11 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

After yesterday's ordeal, today was very much a relax at home day with a bit of light gardening,  (albeit with a 11 year old that is barking like a seal with a croupy cough). 

The red pineapple pups have been moved back into the mini greenhouse (off the fileting bench so hubby will be happy). Gaps in the garden were filled with the remaining lettuce, spring onions and beetroot. This was mainly at the front of the squash garden where the  plum roots can be an issue in dry weather. The rest of the garden is fine for other crops. This garden was only meant as a temporary garden or we'd never have planted that close to the two fruit trees. Surprisingly, it is the best garden for brasiccas so it gets to stay.

I've also tidied up once was the kids Nature friendly garden with bug hotels, lizard lounge, car track, sandpit logs with games on, and an area to dig and be kids. This is now our grow bag area. Looking at it this morning I realised it was lacking something, and it didn't look right. In the corner, our Mountain Pawpaw would normally be in full leaf, and flowering. Another casualty of the past 18 months rain. 

I've also directly sown a few apple cucumbers on the last grow frame. These are older seeds so I may have been a wee bit over enthusiastic with my sowing. 

I'd like to say I think I'm done in the gardening, but I'm already planning the next bit. The basil needs to go in; I'm sure some chives would look nice in a few random spots; and hubby is on board with the next project. A quick edging around the outside of chicken coop. This will create an area for the berries to spread slightly and make full use of the grow frame. It will also tidy things up a bit. 


And An easy Morning