And on the 7th Day she rested...

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:11 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Um ... true, its Tuesday ... and um...I'm NOT God...  ( neither is Mrs Paddington Puss much to her surprise at times when i have to remind her 🤣) 

But non..the..less - i've had a lovely morning sitting out in the garden up by the studio with the 'girls'. One of my writing friends dropped me in a stick blender she had spare (hooray!) so I picked her a big bunch of stattice to say thanks. 

The stattice were ones I grew from Yates seed during the 2022 Yates Spring Vegetable Growing Challenge ... so still reaping the benefits!

Its starting to rain so I need to head back inside. Hooray for light rain! Will make the weeds easier to remove in the bottom garden! Lots of seedlings needing ground cleared so they can be planted.

And on the 7th Day she rested...