Another weather scare

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:07 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

If it's not frosts forecast it's hail!! A few weeks ago we were protecting our spuds from frost by covering them with "blueys". Today it was our tomatoes in pots being covered with a selection of bags because of forecast hail.

I was out shopping when I had a phone call from SH from his work. "Have you seen the forecast? We're supposed to get hail this afternoon! What about our tomatoes?" 

I assured him that I would be home shortly and come up with some form of cover for his babies - which I did. A couple of recycled rubbish bags and tidy liners and some clothes pegs and his precious tomatoes were protected from any hail that might arrive. It didn't.

We'll leave the covers on for the night just in case but the forecast going forward is looking good so they'll be off tomorrow. 

Having plants is like having kids - you never stop worrying about them!! 

Another weather scare