Are we GMO safe?


Date:11 Feb 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

While the the garden blogs are ablaze with the arguments between Hybrid and Heirloom/Open pollenated opinions, and the confusion between GMO and Hybrid processes, we have at least beeb safe from the accidental use of true GMO seeds. These seeds have not been available to the home Gardener or even market or small farms. Corn and wheat, soy are commonly modified and most of Asia and the US will have some sort of GM food often, unless the are growing their own or eating certified organic corn or soy. These are grown on a large scale by big agricultural organisations. 

Cross pollenation is a problem for the small growers and the GM corn carries over to the seed. Control of this is difficult. This is where I have my concern with a newly released seed. 

Norfolk Plant Science have release a new Purple Tomato to the home gardener. This Tomato is genetically spliced with an edible purple snapdragon to enhance the anthocyanin compound for its health benefits. I see the thoughts behind the fact that they are trying to create a healthier tomato, but is this the start of a greater plan?

The world does not have the legislation, control and testing on these products, and tomatoed can be cross pollenated by bees, or a gardener experimenting, wher will this tomato go.

NZ is still very strict on GMO so for now we are safe... Or are we missing out? I suppose as the BNZ? Ad said a few years ago.. Is money good or bad? It is neither, it's what we do with it makes it good or bad.

Personly I hope there is a lot more testing and a strict set of rules put in place so those who wish to avoid GMO can, and those that are keen to try or see the advantages are safe! For me, I am happy with heathly fresh produce that is natural. 


Are we GMO safe?