Asparagus, worth the wait!


Date:17 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've spend the morning looking after my indoor plant babies, most of them were in desperate need of a water and a dust. That took me a good few hours, yes I almost have an inside jungle!

The sun is shining today after some morning rain with a breeze which I can deal with after what seems like weeks of constant wind. So it was time to head outdoors and get some much needed vitamin D and my hands in the soil.

I done some general weeding and watering, checked my pea seedlings (all are nibble free still!) and checked my seedlings in the greenhouse and tunnel house, most are looking great but I think the next watering they'll be due for a boost of seaweed tonic.

Lastly I picked some silverbeet, spring onions and asparagus to go with dinner tonight. We're getting a good bunch like this every few days which I'm really rapt with, yum! 

My asparagus is in its fourth year, with of course last year being the first year we could start enjoying them. If you have the room as well as the patience, and of course like it, asparagus belongs in your garden! Honestly tastes so much better than the ones you buy in the supermarket! 

Asparagus, worth the wait!