Autumn Sowing


Date:09 Mar 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today was not a good day to plant by the moon, but I had some time this afternoon to show some peas, beneficial flowers, Chinese cabbage and some Pak Choi. These are part of my experiment. I did plant onions and broad beans in the right cycle and the onions are all up already. Maybe the moon helped, or maybe the right potting mix and the grow cipboard helped either way I am happy with there progress. The beans were only on Tiesday so a day or 2 more will be needed.

Planting by the moon has some interesting theories and very little science. I am now looking at how the moon planting originated and the folklore that has passed the information down through the ages. I do believe from what I have read so that it does work. I also have my theory of why, but there is are a few more questions that I would like to clear up.

Autumn Sowing