Autumn Update

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:12 Mar 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

After the last few weeks (well about 6 of them) being consumed by the kids activities, this weekend I have finally have had a chance to potter both in tbe kitchen and in the garden. 

The garden is currently a mix of old, new and empty spaces. Today the first tomatoes came out (both mine and Connor's). Definitely far from our best year with tomatoes, but grateful to have some all the same. The next planting are actually starting to colour up so it was worth doing. 

Our late planted purple beans and zucchini (planted in January) are now also feeding us. Ironically, the weather is more settled now than in summer so the gamble to sow more has paid off. The other beans gifted by a friend, are going well, but I decided not to pick anymore and am letting them dry off. Sadly, her whole family lost their seeds in Gabrielle so I am trying to replenish their family's heirloom variety. So far it is looking good. Connor's two existing zucchinis have taken off again as well. Our next lot of potatoes are popping up at the back of Connor's garden. Our capsicums, jalapeños and gherkins are still producing, and we have a late planted cucumber producing fruit too. right is yesterday's pickings. Gherkins, cucumbers, capsicums, chillies, carrots, zucchinis, tomatoes, and basil. The gherkins will be made into another batch of relish. This will be the 4th batch which we will share around at our works. The basil was turned into pesto and frozen in ice cubes. The rest will be used for our dinners this week.





Autumn Update