Basil Days... ready for summer pizza Fridays.


Date:12 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

What varieties of Basil does everyone grow, there are so many!

After trying so many over the years I have found 3 to settle on, each chosen for a feature use and the fact they grow well in my garden. 

Basil "Bush" is a small leaf, small busy plant the packs a punch. Great for sprinkling over a freshly baked magharita pizza. Strong flavour and easy.

Basil "Emeraled Towers" is also a good flavoured lager leaf that grows in a neat column and quite tall making it easy  to grow and control, slow to go to seed and gives a more traditional look on the plate. This is used almost everywhere you would want Basil.

Basil "Lettuce Leaf" is a milder Basil with large leaves. Great for salads and can blend in with lettuce or take place of lettuce in a tomato salad without getting too over powering. This plant is still small and the leaves are almost the size of my palm.

One thing we are not a fan of is Pesto. So we tend to not need the masses of strongly flavoured sweet genovese style basil. All our Basil grows under the Tomato plants, which this year the Basil plants are well ahead of my second run of Tomatoes.

Hope everyone has a great end to the week and roll on Friday 😊

Basil Days... ready for summer pizza Fridays.