Bean Around

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:11 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Sometimes I think things just happen for a reason, and are just meant to be.

Last year with our heavy amount of rain and our colder spring and start to season, I really struggled to get some seeds to grow. One of the ones we struggled the most with was beans. We tried in containers. We tried sowing directly in the ground. We tried multiple varieties from our seed collection. Nothing seemed to work.

Hearing our struggles, a work colleague that I had gifted dahlia tubers and capsicum seedlings to, offered some of her families heirloom seeds that they have great success with. I am not sure of the variety, but basically one family member started growing them, loved them and past them on. She turned up with the last half dozen of her supply expecting that she would have lots that she would be saving at the end of the season. I planted these at the end of December in one of our raised beds. Fast forward to January and February and the constant rain and cylclone Gabrielle. Her beans, and her entire extended family's beans were destroyed. Mine were the only ones that survived. Thankfully March was kind and I was able to let a large number of beans dry out on the plant. I offered to dry/store the seeds for her family.

Today I took them to work – all 100 seeds to be distributed once again amongst her family. And like I said – sometimes I think things are meant to be. If I hadn’t struggled to germinate my own seeds, I would not have ended up being given these seeds, and in turn, be able to help her family.

Bean Around