BEAN DREAMS… too early I know.


Date:11 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I know it’s way too early for beans!

I don’t normally plant any summer seeds until after the equinox at least.  But everything about this season feels weird.

 The ground has gone from mud to concrete in only 2 weeks. The forecast is for 25deg days for the end of the month. The soil temp is already at 13 degrees, and I am watering in the mornings in September!  ALL WEIRD.

 My favourite seeds to grow, eat and save are runner beans… they are just so easy and create wonderful height in the garden.  I have a gazillion in my cupboard and some packets past their use by date, so I did a tray anyway – they are likely to be leggy and not thrive – but I enjoyed thinking about them as I planted them.

 “Bobs” runner bean was a wonderful gift from Heather (Gardening with the Dillons) a couple of years ago and is now a firm favourite for its vigorous growth and big flat stringless green bean. 

 “Shakamaxon” is a nuggety bean that can be eaten green, or the black seeds dried – it hasn’t been super prolific for me, but I just like saying the name.

 “Blue lake runner” is my go-to. A prolific and delicious slim green bean. “King of the Blues” and “Amish Bush” are new ones for me this year.

 I would love to hear of other’s favourites!?  There is no better recommendation than from a fellow bean grower.

BEAN DREAMS… too early I know.