Beautifully imperfect


Date:25 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This area of my garden is beside my driveway, and for years like some of you may remember I've battled with what to grow in it.

It's not the easiest ground to work with, as there's roots from the row of trees beside it and from the shrubs, and it can get quite dry in the summer, so not everything does well planted in it. And if I'm honest with myself it's my most neglected garden, which doesn't seem right as its the first thing visitors see! 

Over the years I've tried growing this that and the next thing in it, losing some plants sometimes, and other times not happy with what I've put in there, to only move them again.

Are the shrubs manicured beautifully? Nope. Is it weed free? Absolutely not. And never will be. But I absolutely love it!

I am such an organised person in most of my life, everything has to have it's place and I like everything to look neat and tidy. So this garden (especially where it is), is really stepping outside my 'personality'. Even though its taken me quite a number of years of trying to make it look 'good', I've just let the garden go, with occasionally adding plants, trimming the shrubs and pulling the odd weed (although not that often lol).

Gardening has taught me in my every day life, that sometimes not everything needs to be controlled, go to plan, or must look a certain way to be successful, sometimes letting go works well too! 



Beautifully imperfect