Biquinho Iracema... A hot berry.


Date:09 Mar 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This little chilli deserves a place in everyone's garden. The plant is decorative with little lantern shape berries that ripen from green to orange, then red.

Translating to Little beak honey lips from Portuguese. The pepper is name after the small size and pointed shape, and Iracema is a legend on Brazil, the name coming from IRA, meaning honey an Tempe meaning lips.

Sitting at 500 scoville units, you will no doubt know it is a chilli. But as it it is only a 5th of the heated of an average Jalapeno, it can be used fresh Andiamo d whole in salads without worrying that you are going to burn anyone taste buds.

Biquinho Iracema... A hot berry.