Broad Bean Planting Day


Date:18 Mar 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Broad beans are replacing peas this year. While I am not really a fan of broad beans, they are a great crop for the garden as they are nitrogen traps. Maybe with a little more time and effort I will also understand how to cook them in a way  we will appreciate them. So far I like broad bean curry, but that is more about the spice 😊.

They were germinated in compost and perlite/vermiculite mixture and all but 1 came up out if 30. They were given a root boost fertilizer, so they have decent roots and a yard thrive fish and seaweed to keep stress low during transplanting. These will line the outer edge of the garden behind the tomato frames against the fence so no supports should be required. 

Peas will fill the bed in front, not grown for peas though, just as a cover crop as leaves is about all I get from them.

Broad Bean Planting Day