Building community

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:22 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Yesterday we were blessed with some beautiful friends coming out to help . With their help we got the little broken shed down , the Flexi tunnel in bits and ready for Scott to weld the broken bits and the plastic completely off , my awesome hubby is going to buy the new plastic , he knows how much it means to me 🥰

And half our tree line of lucerne sorted there were a lot of Broken branches and a few had to come out , im really worried if it's not sorted it will become a fire hazard .

while we were sitting down to a good farm feed of bacon ,egg and salad farm to plate styles , we got on to the topic of community and how important it is , and how I often have so much to share but not the man power to get it all harvested , and a plan is coming together nicely , no money help or exchange for farm goodies , with 2 families keen already I know this will work .

Building community