Changes Everywhere

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:16 Mar 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

With the cooler temperatures starting to appear, our summer gardens are now almost coming to an end. The lush green foliage is repaced by dry brown stalks and stems. Finding time to sort them, is however a wee bit of a challenge though. Normally I do okay with balancing things, but for once, I will admit, I have struggled over the last few weeks. Mostly this has been due to changes in things outside my control with work, and other factors that all seem to conflict with times. We've got there in the end, but it was a juggling act. I guess sometimes you just get weeks like that. 

I will admit one of the things that compounded the juggling act was something we can take full resposibilty for. We got puppies. It was partially accidental, but also not an impulse decision. We'd promised the boys 'one day', but not while we had rabbits. I got called on my promise at the end of Jan when our friends' dog had puppies.  C walked into the house and bonded with a pup. Z who was staying that night, bonded with another. Mum fell for both. How could I not. While we know that having two from same litter doesn't come without problems, we are geared for it, and have sought appropriate guidance.

The boys were told that if they wanted pups, they needed to contribute to the costs (and workload), so we have been busy clearing out the shed of our bmx gear, which included hubby's and mine (yep I rode the local track too). This was not an easy task to say the least as BMX has been pard of our lives with the boys for the last 6 years, and I will admit has been quite sad to see some much loved bikes go.  I also miss travelling for those events, especially this weekend as it is BMX Nationals. But seeing the smiles on some of the other children who have come to collect the bikes has helped.  But it is certainly is an end of an era for us. That being said, the sailing continues.

In regards to the garden, with pups now on the property, I've now had to be a bit more conscious of my gardening supplies, and what is in my garden. My snail pellets were actually given to my mum, and we will have to be more conscious of what we use.

Yesterday was a bit of a recovery day, with a bit of baking and tidying inside that needed to be done. The bmx clothing was also all over the table. I also sorted more tomatoes. Today it was the jalepenos that need to be turned into sweet chilli sauce,and corn that was ready.  Later, once I have some helping hands to watch the pups,   the garden will get a bit of a quick tidy. There isn't a huge amount needed to be done, but what needs to be done will instantly tidy things up (pulling out tomatoes and beans). 





Changes Everywhere