Choose what to focus on

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:02 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I could choose to dwell on the sheep pop that someone stepped on and walked through the house , or the not one but 2 spiderwebs I walked into face first . But instead I will focus on the intoxicating scent of the early chair outside the tunnel house (which has been recovered) . 
my other focus was my wee flock who needed moving as the ewes need loads of food to keep feeding their lambs and our 2 cows were moved to fresh pasture to , it's something I am focusing on in the next 12 months starting with grazing low , and finding a contractor with a good spray boom . 
I planted the inalgral pantry spuds that were growing , this shouldn't happen but seems to catch me out every year . 
We needed a couple of things from mega so chose some karaka and swift potatoes so they will chit for a bit until I'm ready to plant them . 

focus on what you want in your world  not the things that annoy you .

Choose what to focus on