Close to berry goodness


Date:05 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

It's almost strawberry time, my swarm of alpine strawberries are already in fruit and dam are they worth the effort but what I'm really looking foward to are the big guys! Pictured is my strawberry pots (just the big guys coprosma if I remember correct) which will be getting a feed in the next few days with yates vege food that I was gifted as an encouragement award 😀 first time using that particular fertilizer so I'm looking foward to seeing how that goes! The sun is shining so I've been slowly cutting more grass for hay for my bunnies, this I cam do sitting down and moving along so it's a good thing to do until my hip is fully stable.

I also use cut grass as mulch because pea straw is expensive and well I'm on a tight budget! Makes me feel better about having a lawn because it's very tempting to turn it all into gardens but also nice to feel grass between my feet... well atleast some of it is grass.

Close to berry goodness