Color combos

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:30 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

The garden is getting good and I was inspired by the combo of osteospernum ,white banksia rose with the ceonothus in behind . 
I noticed the plumb tree had a few branches straight enough to make a wee teepee, and I had a big pot stirring empty , so I combo I hope will work is pink nasturtiums at the base with the bright blue morning glory at the front and the purple bean vine at the back .  In my head it's gorgeous let's hope the reality works out .  
I planted the first toms 3 beefsteak and 2 scolapinis in a raised bed along with so bok Choi , leeks and a few basil seedlings , when planting tomatoes I always take the bottom leaves off and plant deep , I put in some milk powder and Tom food , then sprinkled some neem granules and slug pellets to protect it all , and hoops and a net over the top to protect from the birds .

Potted on my gazanias and snap dragons . 
popped my zinnias , lupins , cosmos and amaranthus outside that will be planted tomorrow.

Color combos