Costa Rica Orange


Date:11 Jun 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well, this liitle pepper belong to the Frutescens line of capsicum... These are the fire piri Piri, Thai birds eye and are the the species that point up. These are the wildest group of the 5 common  species that are commonly grown. 

This is the first time growing this, and although it is such a healthy plant, there are a few issues. This plant keeps dropping it's flowers before fruit set. Being in a can means there are very little amounts of nutrients available, any any change has a dramatic effect. Currently a small addition od  liquid pot ash is being added to a slightly weaker nutrient mix. Also a helping hand with pollenation. 

40 annum seds of various varieties when into trays with heat mats in the grow cupboard... Spring prep has begun! 


Costa Rica Orange