Costa Rican lessons!


Date:10 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

No, I am not learning a new language, although being able to speak Spanish would be cool😂.

Costa Rican Orange is a Berry shaped pepper that is growing in a can. It has grown and flowered well, but does not want to set fruit correctly. I can get small orange tasteless seedless berries about the size of a match head.. The flowers drop off mostly before fruiting though. This was getting the same nutrient mix as all my o th her well producing cans, but has had a few changes to try help. Warmer and cooler temperatures, more and less nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Added sulphur along with acidity changes. Greater dry spells between watering and still we battle. I am thinking that maybe this was an accidental cross in the sed I bought, but the supplier is a reputable NZ seller so unlikely.

One of the things that makes me wonder is the unstable flower colours. There are many variations, and chillies, as I learned last year can have variable petal numbers in their flowers without a flow on affect to the fruit, but variation of colours is not a common trait. Have a look at the photo, these flowers are all on the same plant!

I am not growing this in my main lot this year, but might do more plants and play with them next winter. 

Now to plan another winter project, as I will need to prepare the seed over summer. 

Costa Rican lessons!